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  • [科技新闻] 人们使用智能手机做什么呢?

    New research conducted by the mobile network O2 has found that people spend more time using their smartphones to surf the web, check social networks or play games, than to make actual phone calls, th

    2012-07-03 编辑:justxrh

  • [科技新闻] 中国拟推智能手机监管法规 引业界担忧

    Regulations proposed by the Chinese government for the country's burgeoning smartphone market, already the largest in the world, are prompting concern from industry groups representing compan

    2012-06-29 编辑:justxrh

  • [科技新闻] 智能软件充当保护伞?

    Texting while driving can be deadly. Talking on the phone while walking is also deadly, or at least threatening enough. Researchers at Dartmouth College in America and the University of Bologna in It

    2012-06-14 编辑:justxrh

  • [SAT学习经验] 手机备考SAT的智能软件大汇总

      如今的手机越发的智能,利用手机备考SAT考试已经成为了很多考生的选择。为了让大家在备考的时候有更好的效果,天道小编为大家整理了关于手机备考SAT考试的智能软件汇总,希望能对大家有所帮助和借鉴。  传统S

    2012-05-21 编辑:echo

  • [科技新闻] 智能手机玩太多会让你变成“手机脸”

    Technology addicts may be at risk of sagging jowls, according to aesthetic experts.美容专家称,科技痴迷者们要小心面颊松弛下垂。It is believed that smartphone and laptop use, could cause facial skin a

    2012-05-20 编辑:kekenet

  • [科学美国人技术系列] 60秒科学:智能手机的隐藏成本

    Free smart phone apps might seem like a deal. But they can have a hidden cost: your phone's battery life. That's because free apps often serve up ads, which can drain your battery mor

    2012-04-12 编辑:beck

  • [科学阅读] 科普阅读:智能手机迎来嵌入式迷你投影仪

    As much as mobile-phone technology improves over time, there's one aspect guaranteed to remain the same—screen size. Any bigger and you start creeping into tablet territory. That's why laser

    2012-04-01 编辑:richard

  • [校园口语] 校园英语口语第167课:智能手机vs翻盖手机

    翻盖手机Research In Motion Ltd on Wednesday launched a first flip version of its popular BlackBerry Pearl smart phone.动态研究(RIM)有限公司于本周三推出了首款翻盖版的黑莓珍珠智能手机,黑莓珍珠为该公

    2012-01-25 编辑:max

  • [关注社会] 智能手机销售带动三星二季度净利润创新高

    Samsung Electronics Co. said Friday that its second-quarter profit jumped 48% to another company record as it increased smartphone sales and experienced cyclical recoveries in its chip and display co

    2012-07-28 编辑:justxrh

  • [科技新闻] 科技资讯:不太智能的智能电视

    More and more people are using their big, flat-panel TVs to watch Internet video, view photos, play music and casual games, and access apps, social media and websites. The trouble is, this is primari

    2012-09-11 编辑:justxrh

  • [科技新闻] 科技资讯:智能手机大战正在上演

    It has been a frantic fortnight for gadget lovers and the Apple iPhone 5 launch was the grand finale of&n

    2012-09-25 编辑:justxrh

  • [经济学人商业系列] 智能手机的地图应用 敢问路在何方?

    Business商业Maps on smartphones智能手机的地图应用Lost敢问路在何方?The criticism heaped on Apple shows the growing importance of cartography苹果目前饱受批评,证明在智能手机市场

    2012-10-04 编辑:justxrh

  • [科技新闻] 让安卓系统更加智能的10个窍门

    Are you getting the most out of Android? You may not know it, but some of the Google operating system'

    2012-11-09 编辑:ivy

  • [经济学人商业系列] 经济学人:智能手机在尼日利亚 黑莓女孩

    Business Smartphones in Nigeria BlackBerry babes 商业 智能手机在尼日利亚 黑莓女孩

    2012-12-09 编辑:justxrh

  • [经济学人商业系列] 经济学人:法兰克福车展 人工机动智能

    Business Frankfurt Motor Show Autoficial intelligence 商业 法兰克福车展 人工机动智能 Where does the car end and the phone begin? 传统汽车与智能手机交汇于何方?

    2013-01-19 编辑:justxrh

  • [科技新闻] 谁能"挡住"智能化城市的脚步

    本周伦敦请来世界各地的计算机极客,政治家和城市规划者搞了一个大聚会。 在城市年代会议上, 他们将讨论最新的高科技专家的建议 -关于’智能城市‘。

    2013-03-08 编辑:shaun

  • [科技新闻] LivingSocial 再融资之谜


    2013-03-11 编辑:shaun

  • [科技新闻] 阿里巴巴为何押注智能电视

    中国电子商务巨头阿里巴巴集团控股有限公司(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.)的阿里云移动操作系统没有取得什么进展,但现在,阿里巴巴将目光对准电视市场,推出自己的智能电视软件。

    2013-07-26 编辑:shaun

  • [科技新闻] 科技社会,寻呼机尚未灭绝


    2013-07-29 编辑:shaun

  • [科技新闻] 科技前沿:让孩子们爱上家务的软件


    2013-07-29 编辑:shaun